Binge Eating

Binge eating is when there is a tendency to deny yourself from eating and then suddenly embark on a eating spree, or binging. Binging is always accompanied by a tremendous sense of guilt and when there is a eating disorder involved, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, this binging is usually followed by a purging process of either laxatives or finger down the throat to induce vomiting.

Binge eating is a weakness and is often uncontrollable by those who suffer from this disorder. Tactics to try and control binging have often been to not have excess food lying around and to only purchase the exact food necessary for one meal at a time so that there is no temptation to enter into a binging spree. This tactic does not defeat the urge to go on a binge eating spree. It may control it for a short period of time, but as soon as the binge eater gets a gap and finds suitable food , they will once again embark on a binging spree.

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Binge eating disorders range in severity from the mild, like the frustrated child who is bored and sees a fridge full of food, to the extreme where binging is the curse of the anorexic. In anorexia, binging is something to be feared and a bout of binging will bring along tremendous guilt feelings, followed immediately by the fear of putting on weight, which brings about the reaction of immediately seeking to purge the food consumed from the body via massive amounts of laxatives or severe induced vomiting sessions.

People who are dieting or attempting to diet are often faced with the same sort of dilemma where they have a moment of weakness, indulge in a binge eating spree, and then feel totally guilty and lose some of their feeling of being in control. This leads ultimately into a low self image associated with the feeling of not being disciplined.

Firstly, hiding food away is not going to help. When the urge takes control, you will go and find food somewhere and indulge in binge eating. You will notice that all along this article I have used the words that the “Urge”. It seems to be that the whole problem is not hunger, but urge. What is the urge. The urge is basically a feeling that you have to. Feelings come from the mind and therfore controlling the urge is all a matter of controlling the mind.

You can not control your mind, but you can renew your mind and your whole thinking process in order to take control of the binge eating.  Binge eating is mostly as a result of trying to full a void in your life, by replacing it with food. Often the void is formed from the realisation in the mind that something is lacking or missing. Only by identifying the lacking or missing components in your life, will you be able to take control and renew your mind, thereby eliminating the compulsion for binge eating.

Whilst this article merely shows to you that there is an underlying force which compels you into binge eating, it is unable to fully identify in each of you the exact specific underlying force within you. To do this involves an intensive study of yourself which can not take place over just one article. At the top right of this page is a link to an excellent course called God’s Way to Weight Loss. This course has been designed to assist you in identifying these inner problems and how to break free from these inner problems and obtain simple, easy and permanent weight loss, whilst also becoming a new person, filled with confidence.