Official Fitness Model Program Review

If you previously thought that only celebrities and fitness models can achieve that toned down and well-built body, then it would please you to hear that you can their weight-loss secrets through Jennifer Nicole Lees The Official Fitness Model Program.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has the body that every woman would wish for – a body that can be achieved only as a result of tremendous hard work.

Not only has she held titles as Ms. Bikini America and the first-ever Ms. Muscle and Fitness, but she has years of experience as a fitness and nutrition expert, and a lifestyle consultant as well.

Now, she wants to share all her diet and fitness secrets to you so you can get the same great-looking body you are wishing for.

The Official Fitness Model Program is a revolutionary weight loss program that will help rapidly burn your excess fats and tone down your muscle – towards a more well-shaped body.

There are 4 aspects to this program: Beauty; Exercise; Diet and Supplements; and Time Management.

If you manage to cover all these aspects, then it should be easy for you to achieve the look that you want. The Official Fitness Model Program is more than just a weight loss program.

It is an overall makeover program that helps build your confidence while improving your looks and wellness.


1. Instead of a restrictive diet that limits your food choices, this program comes with a meal plan that consists of healthy food types.

2. There are no costs for gym memberships since the exercise techniques presented are quite simple and easy to follow.

3. Aside from weight loss, the program is designed to help gain better muscle definition and achieve a better shaping body.

4. The program covers various wellness areas that help you achieve not only better looks but also an improved level of confidence.


1. The program is quite expensive.

It comes in two packages: the first one costs $197, while the second book is tagged even higher at $246.

The first package contains most of the information you need to get started with the program, while the second package deals with the weight loss management process itself.

Therefore, buying both packages can be too much for the budget.

2. The program does have some unrealistic fitness goals.

Although the workout routines are easy to follow, achieving the fitness model shape would be quite difficult with the lack of a trainers physical presence and would even be more difficult for beginners.


The best aspect about Jennifer Nicole Lees The Official Fitness Model Program is that it utilizes various areas in helping attain that much desired level of fitness.

However, this goal might be too overwhelming for fitness beginners and the lack of a definite support system makes it an even more difficult, if not impossible, task.