Official Fitness Model Program Review

If you previously thought that only celebrities and fitness models can achieve that toned down and well-built body, then it would please you to hear that you can their weight-loss secrets through Jennifer Nicole Lees The Official Fitness Model Program.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has the body that every woman would wish for – a body that can be achieved only as a result of tremendous hard work.

Not only has she held titles as Ms. Bikini America and the first-ever Ms. Muscle and Fitness, but she has years of experience as a fitness and nutrition expert, and a lifestyle consultant as well.

Now, she wants to share all her diet and fitness secrets to you so you can get the same great-looking body you are wishing for.

The Official Fitness Model Program is a revolutionary weight loss program that will help rapidly burn your excess fats and tone down your muscle – towards a more well-shaped body.

There are 4 aspects to this program: Beauty; Exercise; Diet and Supplements; and Time Management.

If you manage to cover all these aspects, then it should be easy for you to achieve the look that you want. The Official Fitness Model Program is more than just a weight loss program.

It is an overall makeover program that helps build your confidence while improving your looks and wellness.


1. Instead of a restrictive diet that limits your food choices, this program comes with a meal plan that consists of healthy food types.

2. There are no costs for gym memberships since the exercise techniques presented are quite simple and easy to follow.

3. Aside from weight loss, the program is designed to help gain better muscle definition and achieve a better shaping body.

4. The program covers various wellness areas that help you achieve not only better looks but also an improved level of confidence.


1. The program is quite expensive.

It comes in two packages: the first one costs $197, while the second book is tagged even higher at $246.

The first package contains most of the information you need to get started with the program, while the second package deals with the weight loss management process itself.

Therefore, buying both packages can be too much for the budget.

2. The program does have some unrealistic fitness goals.

Although the workout routines are easy to follow, achieving the fitness model shape would be quite difficult with the lack of a trainers physical presence and would even be more difficult for beginners.


The best aspect about Jennifer Nicole Lees The Official Fitness Model Program is that it utilizes various areas in helping attain that much desired level of fitness.

However, this goal might be too overwhelming for fitness beginners and the lack of a definite support system makes it an even more difficult, if not impossible, task.

How To Lose Weight The Easy Way

Have you ever gone to put your favorite dress on and noticed that you simply can’t quite squeeze into it? This can be due to the fact the dress has shrunk in the wash or because you have gained one or two lbs since you last used it and this is when you really need to learn how to lose weight in a week.

It is easily feasible to shed one or two pounds in a week and you won’t have to deprive yourself to do it as by making a number of straightforward changes to the food that you eat and the amount of exercising that you do you will have the ability to accomplish diet free weight loss and lose weight easy. A lot of folks believe that to shed weight they should live on a diet of rabbit food for months at a time and do with out every one of their favorite food items however this is certainly not the truth. By simply using a realistic and nutritious diet you’ll be able to shed extra pounds and never have to go hungry and still being able to have the occasional pleasurable surprise.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast or the fastest way to lose weight you might want to have a look on-line as there are a lot of fantastic web-sites that are focused on helping people lose weight quickly. It is usually acknowledged that the fastest way to shed weight is by going on a fad diet plan for a brief period of time although it is worth remembering that these types of weight loss diet are certainly not the suggested way to lose weight although they are fine for most people for a very short period of time.

The fastest way to lose weight is by concentrating on diet and exercise. Having a healthy diet which is low in excess fat and doing all the exercising as you are able to to burn up calories and firm up your body will have you looking great in no time. Remember to be slender and healthy you don’t have to live like a monk and just eat once a day, have lots of scrumptious, healthy homemade food, do a lot of fun physical exercise and diet easy not the tricky way.

The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

The fastest way to loose weight is easier than you think!

You can make a serious difference in your body by following these simple rules.  Keep it real simple.  Whole foods, no complicated recipes and keep  yourself well hydrated.   Think of your body as a machine.  It needs adequate high octane fuel, and it needs to be well lubed for the fastest way to lose weight quickly.

Drink lots of water.

In Ayuvedic medicine, after 12 hours rest, you should flush your kidneys out with 16 ounces of water.   Your body is working very hard as you sleep detoxing and repairing itself.  You want to flush out all the toxins with water to break your body’s mini-fast, thus the term “break-fast”.

A dehydrated body has a sluggish liver and you need your liver running efficiently for optimum fat burning.

Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day.  It will help curb your appetite.  Adding a wedge of lemon helps keep you alkaline.  The body protects itself from toxicity with fat.  A lot of toxins are stored in the fat so as you alkalize your body, it will release the toxins and also the weight.  A good rule of thumb is to drink your current weight  in ounces of water daily. Make water your beverage of choice for the fastest way to lose weight healthy.

Water isn’t just for drinking!  A sauna or a soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts, followed by a cold shower will help the body eliminate toxins fast.

Eat Every 2-3 Hours.

Super charge your metabolism by eating every 2-3 hours.  You never want to let yourself get hungry.   Think grazing.  Be prepared.  Always have something healthy on hand so you are not tempted to binge.  Almonds, seeds,  hard-boiled eggs, sting cheese and fruit are great examples of food to carry around with you.  For the fastest way to lose weight without exercise, eat high fibrous, low calorie foods that will satiate you and keep you full longer.  Again, think high octane fuel.  Your body is like an engine.  If you feed it properly, it will run efficiently.

Food Combine

Keep it simple.

Eat 3-4 oz.  protein with vegetable only.1 cup grains, rice or oats  with vegetable only.

Fruit by itself.

No refined carbohydrates.

Eat only foods that are grown from the earth.                                              Food made in factories is rarely very good for you.


A 30-45 minute circuit cardio routine 4-5 times a week will blast the fat off.  My favorite is to walk/run on the treadmill –  like I’m doing 200 meter sprints on the track, and then walking in between.  Follow that with push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and stretches for 20 minutes or more.  The fastest way to lose weight is to combine cardio with building muscle.


A tired body is a weak body.  Get 8 hours of sleep with at least 2 of those hours before midnight.  When you are tired you are more likely to binge because you will be craving sugar for energy.

Significance of Carbohydrates and Proteins as Supplements

The importance of the use of supplements by athletes is becoming imperative. The trend is pacing and now almost every other athlete relies on supplements to achieve better performance in the workout or the sport played.

When it comes to the use of supplements, the athletes are very cautious about their use. There are some supplements that are most suited before the workout, while there are others that serve better when used after workout. Proteins and carbohydrates are the two supplements mostly used by athletes.

The lines below explain the purpose of post and pre workout supplements, and the importance of proteins and carbohydrates as supplements.

Pre and Post Workout Supplements:

When it comes to post and pre workout supplements, the purpose and significance of each of the supplements is different.

Before the workout, the body requires energy to help it go through the intense workout. As carbohydrates are the source of energy to the body, therefore, a pre-workout supplement is primarily composed of ingredients that keep on supplying energy to the body during the workout.

After the workout, the muscles have already broken down and the energy levels are low. Therefore, a supplement that helps in re-growth of muscles and provides energy to the body must be used after the workout.


Every athlete knows that proteins are the building blocks of the body. All the muscles and tissues are composed of proteins and their growth is also dependent upon protein. Therefore, after the workout, when the muscles have been broken down, they require protein to recuperate and grow again to a larger and greater size.

Therefore, the best post workout supplement which the athletes can use is protein. The protein used by the athlete after the workout, satiates the muscles and helps them rebuild in to greater size and proportion. Moreover, as the glycogen stores deplete during the workout, therefore, if the post workout protein supplement is also given a slight touch of carbohydrates than the supplement would become ideal post workout supplement, as it would be helping muscles grow along side providing newer energy to the body.


Carbohydrates are the energy source for the body. Whenever, the body requires energy it turns towards carbohydrates. The carbs consumed are converted into glycogen by the body and stored in the muscles, that whenever the body requires energy it gets it from glycogen store. During the workout the body is under intense pressure, therefore, it needs consistent supply of energy. Thus, the healthiest pre workout supplement must primarily consist of carbohydrates. Moreover, if the carbohydrate supplement is also accompanied by a little protein than it would make the ideal pre workout supplement, as it would also help muscles in easier breakdown along with constant provision of energy.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, the pre and post workout supplements have their own specific and different significance. Similarly, the ratio of protein and carbohydrates in a supplement play a great role in identifying whether it’s a pre or post workout supplement, hence the supplement must be chosen after reading the label.

Your Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss Injections

Some people who want to lose weight do not want the hassle of exercising and planning weight loss menus. You can observe this among people who are always busy and who do not have enough time and energy to do time-consuming weight loss regimes. What they want is something that melts fat easily without them having to do anything.

This is the reason why weight loss injections become popular. Although it is much more expensive than other weight loss plans like liquid diet weight loss plans or diet programs that involve natural ingredients like coconut oil or fruits, many people still want to use injectables because of the convenience and fast results.

But before you any of these weight loss injections, you should first arm yourself with the right facts and information about them. Read the list below to know more about these injectables. 

•The appeal and popularity of weight loss injections can be attributed to the easy and fast way they can eliminate fats from your body. They claim that these shots instantly melt fats inside your body that you can easily eliminate. Some also claim that they help your body burn calories. Whatever it is, you need to get these shots from a doctor who specializes in these kinds of things. It will require a few sessions, which means a few trips to the doctor on a weekly basis. 

•There are three types of injectables that you can choose from—hCG, B-12, and Lipotropics. If hCG sounds familiar to you, you have probably experienced getting pregnant. This is a kind of hormone that is produced by pregnant women. In pregnancy kits that use the woman’s urine, high levels of hCG in the urine gives a positive result in the pregnancy test, which means the woman is pregnant. Some doctors believe that this hormone burns fat and promotes lean muscles.

B-12 is a vitamin that improves metabolism and lipotropics are substances in the body that also boosts metabolism. 

•lthough there are some claims that these injectables are effective, there are also claims that they do not help in any way for a person to lose weight. They might not cause any serious harm but some people said that they are not effective weight loss aids. 

•You have to know that these injectables are not approved by the FDA. Although many doctors are prescribing these shots, it does not necessarily mean that they are effective. It can take a long time before the FDA can ban or control the use of certain drugs because they need to do extensive research first.

As a consumer, it is your responsibility to learn more about the product that you are going to purchase, especially if it is related to your health. Do not believe everything you hear about the product, especially if it came from only one source. You have to do your homework to be safe and protected at all times. Keep in mind that losing weight permanently and in long term basis is not something that you can achieve in just a matter of days or even weeks. It takes time and a significant change in your lifestyle.