Significance of Carbohydrates and Proteins as Supplements

The importance of the use of supplements by athletes is becoming imperative. The trend is pacing and now almost every other athlete relies on supplements to achieve better performance in the workout or the sport played.

When it comes to the use of supplements, the athletes are very cautious about their use. There are some supplements that are most suited before the workout, while there are others that serve better when used after workout. Proteins and carbohydrates are the two supplements mostly used by athletes.

The lines below explain the purpose of post and pre workout supplements, and the importance of proteins and carbohydrates as supplements.

Pre and Post Workout Supplements:

When it comes to post and pre workout supplements, the purpose and significance of each of the supplements is different.

Before the workout, the body requires energy to help it go through the intense workout. As carbohydrates are the source of energy to the body, therefore, a pre-workout supplement is primarily composed of ingredients that keep on supplying energy to the body during the workout.

After the workout, the muscles have already broken down and the energy levels are low. Therefore, a supplement that helps in re-growth of muscles and provides energy to the body must be used after the workout.


Every athlete knows that proteins are the building blocks of the body. All the muscles and tissues are composed of proteins and their growth is also dependent upon protein. Therefore, after the workout, when the muscles have been broken down, they require protein to recuperate and grow again to a larger and greater size.

Therefore, the best post workout supplement which the athletes can use is protein. The protein used by the athlete after the workout, satiates the muscles and helps them rebuild in to greater size and proportion. Moreover, as the glycogen stores deplete during the workout, therefore, if the post workout protein supplement is also given a slight touch of carbohydrates than the supplement would become ideal post workout supplement, as it would be helping muscles grow along side providing newer energy to the body.


Carbohydrates are the energy source for the body. Whenever, the body requires energy it turns towards carbohydrates. The carbs consumed are converted into glycogen by the body and stored in the muscles, that whenever the body requires energy it gets it from glycogen store. During the workout the body is under intense pressure, therefore, it needs consistent supply of energy. Thus, the healthiest pre workout supplement must primarily consist of carbohydrates. Moreover, if the carbohydrate supplement is also accompanied by a little protein than it would make the ideal pre workout supplement, as it would also help muscles in easier breakdown along with constant provision of energy.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, the pre and post workout supplements have their own specific and different significance. Similarly, the ratio of protein and carbohydrates in a supplement play a great role in identifying whether it’s a pre or post workout supplement, hence the supplement must be chosen after reading the label.